Audrea’s Hood

I’ve been crocheting for years, for as long as I can remember. My great grandma taught me when I was very little and over the years I have taught myself different stitches. I only recently taught myself to read patterns by studying library books in 2011. Until then, everything I made was my own design and could not be duplicated easily.

However, after joining and seeing all the great patterns online, many of which I have at least looked at longingly, I desperately wanted to design my own work. I found a beautiful hat by Adela Illichmanova that I absolutely loved and wanted for my own. Since I don’t knit, I figured I’d design a crochet pattern similar to hers. The link to the PDF pattern is below. It is free for anyone who wishes to make it! I don’t mind what you use it for, though I would like that if you happen to make it to sell, please remember me!

Click for Audrea’s Hood

Much love,

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2 Responses to Audrea’s Hood

  1. dot says:

    I do not see the PDF file … O.o

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